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    Web3 Community Volunteer and School Credit Internship Program

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    Project description:

    ABOUT W3KI | Empowering Web3 Native Regens
    W3KI is a startup Web3 community for university students & fresh graduates. W3KI provides free learning, knowledge
    sharing and practical experience through building Web3 together in positive, safe and regenerative ways.
    Our mission is to equip future generations of regenerative leaders in Web3.
    We are seeking university-level, fresh graduate and young professional interns / volunteers for: Research &
    Analysis, Social Media, Artists/Designers, Content Production, Tech Developers, Outreach/
    Business Development, Community Managers, Marketing, etc. to learn & build in Web3 together!
    This program offers a guided entryway into understanding and navigating a plethora of concepts across Web3;
    including blockchains, NFTs, metaverses, DAOs, DeFi, tokenomics, GameFi, cryptocurrencies, etc. You’ll be working
    on projects that enable you collect meaningful experiences, knowledge and expertise, so you can build impressive
    resumes and portfolios in THE hottest and most disruptive fields.
    If you are passionate to learn more about Web3, relish the opportunity to formulate your own ideas and seek to
    collaborate with a multi-cultural team to discover, learn the unknown and create bleeding edge tools & models; plus…
    You have an unstoppable “yes can do” attitude, are one of the most dependable people your friends and family can
    count on, and you’re able to work independently with focus and self-discipline…then we would love to hear from you!
    Training & development, coaching and mentorship; both professionally and individually, by peers and business
    professionals, for well-rounded personal and career growth.
    Hands-on, real work that is meaningful and impactful to the organization. There is no ‘busy-work’ at W3KI,
    everyone is working on projects and tasks that are important to the community.
    Exposure to experiences and perspectives that are extremely rare at this stage of your career. Our interns and
    volunteers have interviewed, recruited and trained people; they project manage and lead teams. Many operate as if
    they are Managers and Directors at multi-national companies.
    Exponential accumulation of knowledge and insights across Web3. See what everyone else is looking into;
    learn far more and faster than you would on your own. Become a thought-leader and influencer in this space.
    At W3KI, your thoughts and ideas are highly valued. We’ve implemented and tangibly created countless ‘crazy
    ideas’ from our interns and volunteers.
    Make friends with Web3-impassioned people from all over the world. Network with senior business executives
    and thought leaders from all industries through our guest speakers, advisors and upcoming mentorship programs.
    Flexibility of remote work, with exposure to the agile work culture, pace and mindset of a global Web3 startup
    community. W3KI is operating in ‘the future of work.’
    Proven skills, achievements and interest in the role you’re applying for
    Resourceful, with strong market research capabilities, able to uncover hard-to-find information
    Responsible, reliable and dependable; to always delivers on-brief, on-quality and on-time within agreed deadlines
    Excellent communications abilities and writing skills to effectively express your own thoughts and ideas
    Analytical and thoughtful to process and organize info into easily digestible insights and action plans
    Insatiably aggressive to achieve quality results as quickly as possible, to level-up towards next stages
    Strong growth mindset for personal development; proactive, hungry to learn, extremely self-motivated
    Web3 experience or high proven interest is a major plus
    This program is open to volunteers and school-credit internships. To apply, please send your resume, cover letter
    and any relevant work samples with specified position of application to:


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